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Infomate Rotary Unit

SOP Folder Rotary Unit

A Rotary Unit comes with a fully Rotatable Metallic Stand that houses 50 Folders. A stopper can be used to ‘Mark’ any two adjacent folders for proper display .


The Folders are manufactured using a Special Spring Steel Frame and transparent PVC sheet. The folders are available in 5 different coloured Borders – Black, Blue, Green , Red and Yellow. 


Ideally suited for Exhibitions Seminars, where Information / Documents are to be shared by number of participants.


Size No. Of Folders Product Code- Normal Folders
A3 40 RU A3 40
A3 50 RU A3 50
A4 40 RU A4 40
A4 50 RU A4 50








ze No. Of Folders         Product Code - Quick View Folders
A3 40 RU A3 40 - QV
A3 50 RU A3 50 - QV
A4 40 RU A4 40 - QV
A4 50 RU A4 50 - QV




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