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Infomate Adjustable Flexi Arm Display Unit

Sop Folder Flexi Arm Stand

Adjustable Flexi System comes with a Metallic Stand , adjustable Flexi Arm with Display Unit attached to it.. Flexi arm allows you to adjust the position of the Display Unit., which can accommodate up to 30 Folders.


The Folders are moulded PP with transparent PVC sheet. The folders are available in 5 different coloured Borders – Black, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Special colours can be supplied as per requirement based on quantity.


Ideally suited for Conferences , Exhibitions, Department Stores etc , for displaying Photographs, Product Leaflets etc.


Advantages - 

  • Easy adjustment, convenient to use.
  • Folders are available in A3 & A4 size.
  • 20 or 30 Folder stand can be supplied as per requirement.
Size No. Of Folders Product Code - Normal Folders
A3 20 AFA320
A3 30 AFA330
A4 20 AFA420
A4 30 AFA430





Quick View Folders are also available. To place Order with

Quick View Folders use the below code.

ize No. Of Folders       Product Code - Quick View Folders
A3 20 AFA320 - QV
A3 30 AFA330 - QV
A4 20 AFA420 - QV
A4 30 AFA430 - QV











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